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Anxiety among girls; Merril Hoge calls out BYU staff; Utah's Operation Rio Grande faces tough year 2

Want to get ahead of the news to start your day? Here’s a look at the news for Aug. 16.
Want to get ahead of the news to start your day? Here’s a look at the news for Aug. 16.
Mario Vega

SALT LAKE CITY — Here’s a look at the news for Aug. 16.

Hundreds on treatment waiting lists ahead of Operation Rio Grande's year 2

More than 700 people participated in treatment programs, thanks to Operation Rio Grande, the multi-agency effort to clean up crime in Salt Lake City, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary.

But according to the Deseret News, hundreds of more people wait for treatment as leaders prepare for the operation’s second year.

For example, Odyssey House has a waiting list of 220 people, which can take three weeks to three months to fill, according to the Deseret News.

“Even with the dollars that came from the Medicaid waiver approved by the Utah Legislature in recent years, there's not enough money to cover people who continue to fall in health care coverage gaps,” the Deseret News reported.

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Merril Hoge calls out BYU staff over son Beau

Merril Hoge, a former NFL running back and now ESPN analyst, said Wednesday he isn’t happy how BYU treated his son Beau Hoge, according to the Deseret News.

Beau made the move from quarterback to running back this fall.

“I think it’s a waste of talent. I don’t think it’s a smart move,” Merril said. “I don’t know why a linebackers coach is even part of the evaluation.”

Merril said Ed Lamb, the BYU linebackers coach, was responsible for the move.

“He said, ‘I didn’t come here to play running back. It was to play quarterback,’” Merril said of the conversation. “… So he went to talk to (the coaching staff) and it fell on deaf ears. In fact, it was a bit disturbing because they put him off for so long to talk to him. I’ve just never heard of something like that. I just think it’s weird that you do that.”

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A look at anxiety among girls

The Deseret News published its latest article Wednesday in an ongoing series about how anxiety is crippling Americans nationwide.

A growing number of American girls are developing anxiety disorders.

Experts said that the growth is largely linked to constant and unhealthy societal expectations.

“I need to be perfect,” said one 15-year-old, who spoke to the Deseret News. “I need to be good, I need to be smart, and pretty and everything. I need to be all of it.”

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Trade talks back on between U.S. and China

China said this week that it will begin new talks with the United States as the trade war continues between the two countries, according to CNN.

The Chinese Commerce Ministry said Thursday that a delegation will visit the U.S. later this month, thanks to an invitation from the U.S.

The U.S. and China will hold trade negotiations during that visit.

“Previous rounds of talks between the two countries failed to make much progress, resulting in the outbreak of a trade war that has already hurt businesses on both sides of the Pacific,” according to CNN. “The countries imposed steep tariffs on billions of dollars of each other's exports this summer and have threatened more.”

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