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Utah's jobless rate is among the lowest in the nation. Here's how it ranks

SALT LAKE CITY — The Beehive State's job growth is among the highest in the nation, new data indicates.

The state Department of Workforce Services reported Friday that Utah led the country in total job growth in July at 3.9 percent, just ahead of Nevada at 3.7 percent and Idaho at 3.4 percent. The state tied with Wyoming ranking No. 2 in private employment growth, the data shows, behind top-ranked Oregon at 4.4 percent.

July’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate move up one-tenth of a percentage point from the prior month to register at 3.1 percent. Approximately 48,700 Utahns were without a job during the month while actively looking for work, the report states. The national jobless rate declined one-tenth of a percentage point to register at 3.9 percent for the month.

The state’s nonfarm payroll employment for July 2018 added 57,100 jobs to the economy since July of last year. Utah’s current employment level registered at 1,510,700 people.

The private sector added 48,500 new positions, with nine of the 10 industry groups measured in the establishment survey posting net job increases for the month of July. The largest private sector employment increases were in trade, transportation and utilities, which added 14,100 new jobs; education and health services, adding 7,700 new positions; along with leisure and hospitality, which brought on 7,400 jobs.

The lone outlier was natural resources and mining, which lost 400 jobs year over year.

The fastest employment growth occurred in trade, transportation and utilities, up 5.1 percent; leisure and hospitality, up 5 percent; with education and health services increasing 4 percent.

“Utah experienced yet another month of significant growth in the job market,” said Carrie Mayne, the department's chief economist “Fueled by robust economic conditions, the state added the highest number of jobs year-over for 2018 while maintaining a notably low unemployment rate.”

Unemployment rate

1. Hawaii – 2.1 percent

2. (tie) Iowa – 2.6 percent

North Dakota – 2.6 percent

4. New Hampshire – 2.7 percent

5. (tie) Colorado – 2.8 percent

Vermont – 2.8 percent

7. (tie) Idaho – 2.9 percent

Nebraska – 2.9 percent

Wisconsin – 2.9 percent

10. (tie) Maine – 3 percent

Minnesota – 3 percent

12. (tie) Utah – 3.1 percent

South Dakota – 3.1 percent

Virginia – 3.1 percent