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New religious film ‘An Interview with God’ screening in Utah for special 3-night engagement

SALT LAKE CITY — What would an interview with God be like?

According to the new movie, "An Interview With God," in Utah for a special three-night screening Aug. 20-22, you can find out.

The 115-minute film focuses on Paul Asher (Brenton Thwaites), a young journalist who recently returned home after covering the war in Afghanistan. While the experience gave him some of the best opportunities of his career, it also negatively impacted his marriage and faith. Over the course of the film, he meets and interviews a man called The Man (David Strathairn), who claims to be God — giving him what could become the best interviews for his life.

In an interview on the film's website, Thwaites said he was drawn to the film because of its unique screenplay.

Brenton Thwaites (right) and Yael Grobglas (left) in the film "An Interview with God," which will screen in Utah Aug. 20-22.
Brenton Thwaites (right) and Yael Grobglas (left) in the film "An Interview with God," which will screen in Utah Aug. 20-22.
Cara Howe

“It was structured differently. Three long interviews in the course of the film takes up a lot of screen time and I guess I was intrigued by how they would pull it off. I was excited by the idea of accepting the challenge of jumping into this ambitious film,” he said.

His co-star, the Oscar-nominated Strathairn, agreed that the screenplay makes this film different, stating in an interview on the film's website that it is the conversations between The Man and Asher that makes the film so strong.

“The forensic investigation, the dialogue — what they’re talking about essentially was like doing a theatrical place, was like doing a one-act play,” he said. “The nature of the dialogue is both very, very human, it's very mysterious. It's intellectual but it's not inaccessible at all because it’s really grounded in serious engagement between these two people about some very human issues. All of it just came together on the page to feel like a very potent and very challenging task, which has always excited me.”

Directed by Perry Lang from a screenplay by Ken Aguado, the film's website says the film is meant to encourage thoughtful discussion through the questions "What would you ask (God)?" and "Who do we say God is?" The film's website provides a discussion guide for church groups or individuals.

The limited engagement runs Monday-Wednesday, Aug. 20-22 at Megaplex Theatres, Cinemark and AMC Theatre locations across the country, including in Utah.

You can see a full list of screenings at Fandango.