SALT LAKE CITY — At the start of the season, Springville dancers Charity Anderson and Andres Penate were surprised when they made it through the qualifying round of NBC’s “World of Dance” with a high score of 95.3.

"We were honestly just hoping for 80," Penate previously told the Deseret News, referring to the minimum score required for moving past the qualifying round. "So when we saw that we were in the 90s, that was crazy enough. Then when we got Ne-Yo's 97 — that just blew us away. A great feeling just washed over us."

The contemporary dance duo’s numbers just got even more impressive — in fact, they were perfect. On Wednesday night, the two 18-year-old dancers performed their own choreographed piece to rock band Kaleo’s hit song “Way Down We Go.” Upon finishing the intricate number — which features Anderson doing a blindsided jump onto Penate’s back — the pair had nothing to do but smile as the crowd went wild and judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez all jumped to their feet.

“It felt so new and disruptive,” said Lopez, who had a hard time expressing her thoughts about what she had just witnessed. “That was 'The Matrix.'”

“Beyond the amazingness of the dance, a crystal-clear storyline, on top of the fact that you did things with your bodies that human beings just can’t do,” Ne-Yo told the pair.

The judges became even more amazed when they learned the young dancers, who come from a dance studio in Orem called Center Stage, choreographed the dance together. The pair ended up making “World of Dance” history, earning the first-ever combined perfect score of 100 during the second Duels round.

You can watch the performance here.

Anderson and Penate will next compete in the Cut round on “World of Dance.” The show airs Wednesdays, 7 p.m. MT.