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Letter: Campaign spending is getting out of hand

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I sometimes feel our political system to get out the vote is reminiscent of the corruption of ancient Rome and the decadence of Babylon.

We spend billions and billions on ads and placards and TV spots, but with that money we could build hospitals, schools, homeless facilities, infrastructure and much more. We are bombarded endlessly in the mail and on the internet with pleas for more money as if we had sufficient to answer all those pleas. And the system is not going to end. Yards and streets are covered with endless placards competing side by side for our votes and sometimes remain there for weeks after the election is over.

Could a reader or two please give me a good reason why the following would not work? Give all candidates as much TV time as they wish to plead their cause. That would be their only appeal, plus a few ads in the newspapers. The cost would be infinitely smaller and we would be just as informed as the job 10,000 placards and billboards could do.

What makes the system smack of ancient Rome and of Babylon? The wasteful use of taxpayers' money when so much good could be done with the same. It seems everyone and his dog is asking for money. Where is the accountability? Where does the money go and how do we know it does not line the pockets of some scammer? Have you ever been told where your money went? Many appeals come with scare tactics that if we don't give, the whole nation will be sorry. I cannot help but believe there is some better way, but I will not hold my breath until it is found.

Earl Elmont

Pleasant Grove