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Letter: Is only one side of Labyrinth Canyon worth protecting?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Speaking as a retiree who’s spent considerable time floating through Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River, I’m perplexed that Rep. John Curtis and Sen. Orrin Hatch are taking such an illogical path toward protections that this Utah gem deserves.

In our busy lives, quiet recreation is hard to come by, so when I find time I head straight to Labyrinth to spend time with the grandkids, doing something I’m still capable of and that’s spiritually refreshing.

The idea put forth in the Emery County lands bill is to protect only one side of this great and unique canyon system, ignoring the eastern side of the river entirely. This approach is the same as suggesting that just one side of the Grand Canyon is grand enough. It points directly to the fact that the bill is being driven entirely at the whim of Emery County, at the expense of the American public. It doesn’t make ecological sense, and it subjects those seeking hard-to-come-by natural quiet to the noise of motorized vehicles echoing from the canyon’s eastern half. Doesn’t make sense.

The bill should include the entire canyon as wilderness, so we have such a natural gem left behind for my grandchildren and those coming after us.

Steven Murdock