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Letter: Paid leave is long overdue

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I’m happy to see federal bills for paid leave — it’s long overdue. But some plans, like the one Kristin Shapiro wants, would leave families like mine out in the cold.

I’m a mother of four and my husband is permanently disabled. Each time the paramedics had to come, I’d have to leave work and lose pay, and then I lost that job. It was really tough because I’d become the sole breadwinner.

I’m working now at a community garden. I love my job. My employer is really flexible but she can’t afford to pay me when my husband needs care. A paid leave fund would make a huge difference for her and for us.

If these policies had been in place, my family would have been much better off. I could have had stability and worked toward retirement. Families like mine would rather pay our own way. Unfortunately, when you have a loved one with disabilities, they’re going to get sick and you have to be there.

At some point, we all need time to care for ourselves or a loved one. A paid leave program should value all of us.

Tameka Henry

North Las Vegas, Nevada