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City Creek Canyon to close Monday through Wednesday for road repairs

SALT LAKE CITY — City Creek Canyon will be closed Monday through Wednesday as crews repave the road and repair potholes.

The road above the Department of Public Utilities’ water treatment plant will close all day on Monday as crews fill potholes that have created hazards for bicyclists and motor vehicles. The work will begin by 6 a.m. and continue until dark.

The entrance road to the canyon at Bonneville Drive and the main parking lot will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 a.m. until dark. Crews will mill away crumbling asphalt and then repave and restripe parking spaces.

The canyon will reopen Thursday and resume the regular “odd-even” schedule through Labor Day. Bicycles — but not motor vehicles — are allowed on odd calendar days. Motor vehicles — but no bikes — are permitted on even days. Walkers and runners are allowed every day.

Between Labor Day and Memorial Day, there are no calendar-day use restrictions in the canyon.