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Salt Lake trapeze couple advance to 'America's Got Talent' semifinals

SALT LAKE CITY — Mary and Tyce Nielsen performed a trick on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night that had a lot of people nervous — and for good reason.

The last time the Salt Lake couple, known as Duo Transcend, attempted the dangerous blindfold trick on the show — in which Tyce Nielsen hung upside down on the trapeze and waited for his wife to slip through his arms so he could catch her by the ankles — Mary Nielsen fell fast toward a flame-covered floor.

That scare didn’t seem to faze Mary Nielsen or the show’s judges too much as they advanced to quarterfinal round. But the couple made one thing clear: They were going to get that blindfold trick right the next time around.

Tuesday night’s performance saw a dazzling display of high-flying flips, swings and spins. It also saw a moment of redemption for the Nielsens as they successfully performed the blindfold trick.

On Wednesday night, “America’s Got Talent” announced the couple had been voted through to the semifinals, tweeting, “RT if you’re ready for more heart-stopping moments with @duotranscend because they’re moving forward to Semifinals!"

“America’s Got Talent” showed even more excitement on Twitter later on, writing, “We’re not crying!! YOU’RE CRYING because @duotranscend is going to Semifinals!”

Duo Transcend took to Twitter to express their gratitude, writing, “Thank you so much everyone for your support! And thank you to all the other acts we had the privilege to perform with. You all are amazing and inspiring. So blessed to have met you.”

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays on NBC at 7 p.m. MT. The first week of the semifinals begins Sept. 4.