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High school football central: Watch Week 2 unfold in real time with 15 livestreams

High school football is back — and we have you covered better than anyone else in the state.

Watch the big high school football plays — live on Friday night, starting at 7 p.m.

Deseret News Rewind's Dusty Litster will guide you through all that Utah's Friday night lights can offer, looking live into more than 16 games while breaking down what it all means. You can join the conversation by tweeting @dnewsrewind or using #DNRlive.

You also follow the action in our live blog below, or find up-to-the-minute scores and links to live streams on our scoreboard. Here are the games we are streaming tonight — we'll update the list throughout the day as more of our school and media partners confirm game coverage:

Think you know who's going to win this week's games? Play our GridPicks contest for free. Prizes awarded every week.