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Jody Genessy: BYU — and Utah! — are the champions, my friends

The University of Utah was belatedly proclaimed national champion for the 2008 football season, which, of course, meant one thing.

A scintillating quote from Kyle Whittingham. Drum roll and get ready to stop those presses — or pull the plug on the servers or whatever we do nowadays …

"That was interesting."

Whittingham reconfirmed what many knew: He voted the 2008 Sugar Bowl champions as the top team in the country that year, and why not?

On Saturday, the 2018 NCAA football records book listed the ’08 Utes champion of "major selector" Anderson/Hester. Jeff Anderson and Chris Hester have published their mathematical football ranking system for the Seattle Times since 1997, but this was the first year in which the NCAA listed Utah as an alt-champ.

About time!

"I haven’t been educated on the particulars of it, but we thought we were a pretty good team that year,” Whittingham told reporters Monday. "I voted us No. 1."

As a bonus to Whitt's insight and interesting quote, fans from Utah and BYU had a heyday, including, of course, going after each other on social media.

Here’s a sampling of the tit-fot-tat:

To which a BYU fan replied, “Google ‘Consensus National Champion.’”

It was then brought up that Washington also claims a share of the 1984 national championship — the Pac-12 even acknowledges this on its official website.

This GIF might be the most accurate to describe both fan bases — neither wants to really hear what the other says unless it opens the door for a good retort or insult.

Ute fan Jeff Dart described the declaration like this:

“The NCAA adding Utah's 2008 season to their list of recognized championships the week before the season may be the greatest troll job in the history of college football in the state. Some organizations just want to watch the world burn. #2008Champs #Utes.”

This Ute fan learned math because 2018 minus 33 equals everything since 1985 and on, which conveniently and humorously leaves out BYU’s magical 1984 ride.

Andrew Fox, son of Channel 2 sportscaster Dave Fox, had this to say:

Which, of course, merited a response from a BYU fan, Jason Ludlow:

1984: Champ decided by 2 major polls, AP & Coaches. #BYU finished #1 in both. 2008: Champ decided by BCS title game. #Utes did not play in the BCS title game. One team has the official hardware. The other has a cute footnote. Hang a banner for that footnote

This all matters, right? OF COURSE IT DOES!

So, when’s the parade?

Who knows, but here’s one idea for a celebration moment.

“Reported for hate speech,” a BYU fan responded.

Not so fast said another Ute fan. “This is a high quality tweet.”

Someone else replied “Tasty,” so now I’m kind of hungry but don’t know for what.

And the answer, Ryan, is yes. Definitely yes.

Let’s end on this note, which basically and fairly sums it up.

As The MightyAlaskanUte put it:

1984: BYU goes undefeated and a group of people’s opinion is they were the national champ.

2008: Utah goes undefeated and a group of people’s opinion is they were the national champ.

Literally no difference between the two. Other than one was 1984 and the other 2008.

And with that, let all BYU and Utah fans sing in unison, "We are the champions, my friends."