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Construction worker found dead, possibly electrocuted

SALT LAKE CITY — A 33-year-old man was found dead early Tuesday in Salt Lake City, possibly the victim of an electrocution.

The man's body was found Tuesday morning as the rest of the construction crew arrived at work, said Salt Lake police detective Greg Wilking.

The incident occurred inside the state archives construction project, 346 S. Rio Grande. An addition is being built onto the state archives building.

The man was doing electrical work on an upper floor, in a corner room, not easily visible to the rest of the workers, Wilking said. The incident was believed to have occurred sometime Monday afternoon.

When the other construction workers closed up the job site for the night, they assumed the man was already gone. But when the man didn't show up at home, his wife called and asked where he was, Wilking said.

"They basically said. 'We closed up the job site, we haven't seen him,'" he said.

When the workers returned Tuesday morning, they conducted a search and found his body. Wilking said power to the building was turned off while emergency personnel retrieved the body.

The man's name was not immediately released.

Contributing: Caitlin Burchill