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Letter: Count My Vote is what Utahns want

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

The power-hungry proponents of the Keep My Voice movement have again found a way to thwart the will of the people of Utah by finding technicalities in the law to block the Count My Vote initiative from appearing on the ballot. Multiple times the majority of Utah voters have consistently rejected the candidates backed by the KMV contingency.

The best example of this is the most recent primary election results. The statewide candidates Mitt Romney and Congressman John Curtis won in a landslide victories (73 percent of the vote) over their KMV backed opponents Dr. John Kennedy and Chris Herrod respectively. If the KMV people were in control of the electoral process, as they aspire to be, then Utahns would have had the latter candidates as their only Republican congressional nominees, which clearly was not the choice of the electorate.

The supporters and their legal team of the Count My Vote initiative deserve a vote of appreciation for their valiant effort to defend the initiative. These include community leaders such as former Gov. Michael O. Leavitt and his wife Jackie, Gail Miller and former first lady Norma Matheson. Last week, the Supreme Court of Utah rejected the suit to reinstate the initiative, however, it is obvious that the majority of Utah voters still favor the Count My Vote concept. This concept enables us, the voters, to have the most direct democratic method — the ballot box — to choose the best candidates to represent us rather than have a small group of the KMV party bosses choose for us.

King Udall

Salt Lake City