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These two Utah cities are among the most-stressed in the country

Salt Lake City overview in the night
According to the new report from WalletHub, Salt Lake City is ranked No. 129 on a list of the 182 most-stressed cities in the country.

SALT LAKE CITY — Two Utah cities ranked among the most-stressed cities in the country, though their spots on the list were low compared to several others.

West Valley City finished at the No. 70 spot, ranking ahead of Louisville, Kentucky, and just below Arlington, Texas, according to the new report from WalletHub.

Salt Lake City finished at No. 129 on the list of 182 cities, finishing above Irving, Texas.

Detroit ranked as the most-stressed city in the country, followed by Newark, New Jersey; Cleveland; Birmingham, Alabama; and Toledo, Ohio, within the top five.

Fremont, California, ranked as the country’s least-stressed city, followed by Bismarck, North Dakota; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Overland, Kansas; and South Burlington, Vermont, within the bottom five.

Though they ranked among the least-stressed cities, neighboring cities Casper and Cheyenne, Wyoming, were among the cities with the highest average weekly work hours and cities with the lowest job security.

In fact, Casper has the fourth-highest average weekly work hours and lowest job security nationwide, according to the study. Cheyenne had the second-lowest job security.

Some other interesting facts from the report:

  • South Burlington, Vermont, had the lowest unemployment rate at 2 percent, which is 4.7 times lower than Detroit, which has the highest unemployment rate (9.3 percent).
  • Fremont, California, had the lowest divorce rate at 10.82 percent. That’s 3.8 times lower than Cleveland, which had the highest divorce rate at 41.24 percent.

Last year, three Utah cities ranked on 24/7 Wall Street’s list of the most stressed-out cities. Provo, Ogden and Salt Lake City made the list, ranking at second, eighth and 15th place, respectively.

The report found 45.1 percent of Salt Lake City residents reported feeling stressed.

In Ogden, 45.7 percent of people reported feeling higher stress levels. The report attributed that to the longer work weeks.

Provo residents were one of the most stressed cities in the nation, according to the report, with more than 50 percent of residents reporting stress.