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Photos: Weird science: Experiment teaches students about ‘growth’

Sean Thorpe creates a foam gnome explosion to illustrate growth during a back-to-school assembly at Canyon Rim Academy, a K-6 charter school in Salt Lake City, on Thursday. The school's theme this year is "grow," and during the assembly students were issued the first of monthly growth challenges that will occur during the school year. Administrators said each challenge will be designed to inspire the students to grow academically, socially and personally. "We want to push our kids to reach new heights in all areas of their lives," said Principal Kent Fuller. "At the assembly, we are taking science to extraordinary heights to demonstrate how much growth can come from seemingly small and simple ingredients." The foam gnome is created by mixing polyurethane A (polyether alcohol) and polyurethane B (isocyanate) together. After allowing the mixture to sit for long enough a foam will begin to form from the mixture.

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