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Letter: Amazon’s net effect on Utah’s economy doesn’t compute

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

The Amazon gift to Utah, as it turns out, is hundreds of low-paying jobs — $12.50 an hour, $25,000 a year. Annual household income to afford a two-bedroom apartment is $37,000.

The shortage of affordable rental homes for extremely low-income renters is about 47,000 units. Utah’s gift to Amazon is $6 million in tax breaks. Jeff Bezos is worth $144 billion.

State government and business leaders state that low wages and low regulations are a draw for business for Utah. Amazon is using robotics, which will, over time, and sooner than later, reduce the workforce and income tax base to the state. If Mr. Bezos reduced his net worth by 1.5 percent and allotted that to his workforce here, the 1,500 jobs here could earn $20 an hour. Otherwise, Amazon’s net effect on Utah’s economy doesn’t compute.

Terry Marasco

Salt Lake City