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Man charged with sexually assaulting teen on UTA bus

Eligah Roderick Johnson
Eligah Roderick Johnson
Salt Lake County Jail

SALT LAKE CITY — A man has been charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl on the back of a Utah Transit Authority bus during a trip from Ogden to Salt Lake City.

Eligah Roderick Johnson, 34, of Salt Lake City, was charged Monday in 3rd District Court with object rape and forcible sodomy, both first-degree felonies.

On Dec. 26, a 16-year-old girl got on a UTA bus in Ogden headed toward Salt Lake City, according to charging documents. Johnson also got on the bus and sat next to the girl in the back, the charges state.

Johnson pulled the girl's pants down and sexually assaulted her, despite the girl telling him, "No," the charges state.

The girl got off the bus at North Temple and 300 West. Charging documents do not say how many other people were on the bus, whether the bus driver or anyone else witnessed the alleged assault or if the girl tried calling for help.

According to a search warrant affidavit filed in March, later that night, after the assault, the girl contacted police and told them that Johnson had given her his contact information.

On Jan. 4, police interviewed him.

"During the interview Johnson at first denied speaking to the victim. He later admitted to placing his arm around the victim and also stated that he had kissed the victim on the forehead. Johnson also made statements in the interview such as, 'You don't even want to know how she was dressed,'" the warrant states.

Police also checked the surveillance video on the bus and found "The video does not capture the incident as both (the girl) and Johnson are seated at the back of the bus. The bus video does show the suspect Johnson and (the girl) sitting next to each other on the back of the bus," according to the warrant.

Johnson's address is listed in court documents as the homeless shelter.