OGDEN — A man was arrested for investigation of murder Monday after police say he stabbed his roommate and dumped her body at an intersection.

Jesus Martinez Ramos, 44, of South Ogden, was also booked into the Weber County Jail for investigation of obstructing justice.

The incident comes just a year after Ramos was charged with stabbing two of his roommates in Salt Lake City. That case was ultimately dismissed after Ramos was determined not to be competent to stand trial and was given supervised release, according to court records.

Early Monday, South Ogden police were dispatched to 3700 S. Washington Blvd. on a report of a woman on the ground.

The deceased woman had "obvious stab wounds," a Weber County Jail report states. Although her name was not immediately released, officers noted in the report she was someone they had had contact with before.

The woman, 50, lived in a nearby apartment, 3725 S. Washington Blvd., with two other people including Ramos, according to the report. Both of the deceased woman's roommates were taken to the police department to be interviewed.

Ramos told investigators he stabbed the woman several times and carried her body to the street where it was found, officers wrote in the report.

"Jesus also admitted to cleaning up the crime scene and discarding all possible evidence in a dumpster in close proximity to the house. Jesus also admitted to having injuries to himself as a result of him stabbing the victim," according to the report.

South Ogden police said the stabbing may have been the result of an argument on Saturday afternoon.

The other roommate, a woman, told police that she watched the attack and that Ramos "threatened to stab her if she told on him," the report states. "She is now scared for her life."

Investigators said they located a weapon in the dumpster.

In June of 2017, Ramos stabbed two of his roommates in Salt Lake City as they were sitting in a car so he could "join his brother in prison," according to charging documents.

In February, he was determined not competent to stand trial on charges of aggravated assault related to the stabbing. Prosecutors said at that time that they were initiating civil committment proceedings, court records state. Eventually, both sides agreed to have the charges dropped and place Ramos on supervised release.

In 2015, Ramos was convicted of attempted aggravated assault for pulling a knife on a woman who rejected his attempt to hug her, according to court records. He was sentenced to probation.