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Inmate killed in fight at Salt Lake County Jail

SOUTH SALT LAKE — An inmate at the Salt Lake County Jail was killed in a fight with another inmate over the weekend, the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday.

Daniel Davis, 38, of Salt Lake City, and another inmate got into a fight about 6:30 a.m. Saturday in the area where inmates eat breakfast at the jail, 3415 S. 900 West, according to Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera.

"The altercation was a fistfight that resulted in one of the inmates being transported to the hospital in critical condition," according to a statement from South Salt Lake police, who are investigating the incident.

Jail staffers acted immediately and administered CPR to Davis, according to Rivera. Davis died from his injuries at a local hospital.

The name of the person accused of attacking Davis was not released Wednesday, nor did investigators describe the disagreement between the two.

Rivera said the jail was placed on lockdown Saturday. She said she did not know yet whether the attack was an isolated incident, was part of an ongoing dispute, or whether it was gang-related. However, Rivera said jail administrators felt confident in lifting the lockdown.

"If there’s a security issue, we would have taken care of it. And we have. The inmate involved has been moved to a different area of the jail,” she said.

Davis, who had a lengthy criminal history, was in jail for domestic violence-related crimes and continually violating the conditions of his jail release, according to court documents.