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Letter: Utah air quality puts future generations at risk

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I was born in Utah and recently came back to town for a family event. I love this place, but I found the air quality alarmingly unhealthy.

As part of this visit, I also had reason to travel to a handful of other Western states. I felt genuinely heartsick at the elevated temperatures and fires. The climate is changing. You can feel it even without substantiation from hard data or science. The stakes are high.

The well-being of our kids, their kids and future generations is at stake. National and local leaders who play down or deny the issue are gratefully becoming recognized as short-sighted and out-of-date. As a Utahn and Westerner at heart, I urge all of us to both be and to get behind those who will embrace and engage the changes necessary at this critical time.

Matt Weed

Veazie, Maine