The jet sweep has become part of Jeff Grimes' BYU offense and it takes speed to pull it off and set up defenders, making them worry about covering the edges and fighting off blocks.

Ask Wisconsin how that worked.

Aleva Hifo is BYU's current jet sweep artist. A guy like Utah and former Timpview High star Britain Covey would also excel at that job.

BYU already has an intriguing athlete enrolled in school on track scholarship who is faster than both Hifo and Covey. His name is Easton Bianchi. He would smoke either one in the 60, 100, or 200. He had a vertical of 39 inches and benches more than 300 pounds.

I just happened to run into his grandfather on a golf course. He'd made the trip to Provo to deliver a scooter to his grandson so he could get around town.

Bianchi is small in stature. He is interested in football but he is in Provo because the track coaches recruited him out of Newman Central Catholic High School in western Illinois. His priority is to focus on track and establish himself for that team. He is smaller than Covey at 5-foot-7, 150 pounds, but he can outrun people. He has a personal best of 10.58 in the 100 meters. In a 30-yard explosion test, he ran a 3.35, which, a projection algorithm used by track and sprint scientists, means he might run a 9.98 in the 100 meters.

Here is a look at his highlights playing football.

Bianchi is a two-time Illinois state sprint champion in all the events. He was also a two-time all-state running back, defensive back and kick returner.

BYU's recruiters first saw Bianchi at a track meet for all-stars from around the country in Louisville, Kentucky. BYU was actually looking at a female track athlete when Bianchi made an impression. He took third in the 100 behind one of the nation's top sprinters, his friend Malik Moore (not the same person as the BYU freshman defensive back), who's also from Illinois.

Who knows what will happen to young Bianchi at BYU. But if the jet sweep is so important, it would be interesting to see how a small scatback like this freshman would do if given the chance.