SALT LAKE CITY — If Post Malone was worried about his stay in Utah, he probably feels better now.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office warned Utah residents to stop visiting the pop star.

  • The office said multiple people attempted to visit Post Malone’s home.
  • “Yes, he is here in the county. But, he is just on vacation. No, he is not performing at the high school game tonight or does he have any involvements with the game,” the office said in a Facebook post.

However, the office said Malone “has been very kind and respectful to all who have talked to him” and that people should “feel free to say hello.”

  • “Our office will enforce those who want to trespass on the residence he is staying at, he is just a guy trying to enjoy his vacation. We just wanted to help stop some rumors we have heard,” the office said.

Post Malone, who skyrocketed to fame in 2015 with his single “White Iverson” told Rolling Stone that he bought a home in northern Utah that cost about $3 million.

  • Malone praised Utah in the same interview for its gun laws.
  • “It’s free country out there,” Malone said. “Like, you can buy suppressors in Utah. You can do open-carry. Walk into the grocery store with a handgun on your hip. Cowboy (expletive). I can’t wait.”