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Letter: Elizabeth Smart should be protected

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

Now that the state of Utah has released one of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers and abusers, it is incumbent upon the state to provide Ms. Smart and her family, including her young family and her parents, with 24/7 armed guards who guard Ms. Smart and her family to prevent any attacks her attacker or anyone Ms. Barzee may employ to attempt to contact, harass, threaten or kill Ms. Smart or members of her family.

This should be provided free of charge to Smart and her family and paid for by the Utah government until Ms. Barzee dies, since monitoring by counselors cannot guarantee 100 percent that Ms. Barzee will never be allowed to approach Ms. Smart and her family.

After the horrifying experience Ms. Smart went through, she should not have to live in fear one day more. Utah owes this to her and her family.

LeiLani Hinds

Honolulu, Hawaii