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BYU assumes control of old Provo High School

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PROVO — BYU announced Tuesday it has assumed control of the former Provo High School along University Avenue.

BYU acquired the property in 2016 and then leased it back to the Provo School District until a new high school was completed in west Provo.

"No immediate plans have been made for the future of the facility, but discussions are underway," Brian K. Evans, BYU's chief financial officer and administrative vice president, said in a statement. "Limited temporary use of the office space and activity areas in the school will take place."

Subject to future facility plans, public use of the tennis courts, track and athletic fields will be allowed, consistent with other current BYU athletic facilities. Signs will be posted with available times, and limited visitor parking will be provided. The inside facilities will not be available for public use.

The existing north parking lot, bordered by Bulldog Boulevard and University Avenue, will include U-zone parking (free to BYU students who are registered for parking).

In addition, BYU is in the process of gaining ownership of the old Provo seminary building, which will serve two young single adult wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and fulfill other potential purposes.