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Rape trial nears close for ex-Utah State football star Torrey Green, accused of assaulting 7

BRIGHAM CITY — A jury is set to deliberate following closing arguments scheduled for Thursday in the trial for former Utah State University football player Torrey Green, who is accused of raping five women and sexually assaulting another while a student there.

On Wednesday, attorneys reviewed jury instructions after a day of rebuttal testimony from state witnesses.

On Tuesday, Green, 25, testified that four of the alleged sexual encounters from 2013-15 were consensual and two did not happen.

"I wish I didn't break their hearts," he said of the women as he testified in his own defense. His attorney has argued that the accusers sought attention in the cases after he signed an NFL contract.

Prosecutors contend Green showed a pattern of predatory behavior, charming women he met online or on campus and earning their trust before raping or assaulting them, telling the majority of the victims that they would enjoy it.

Green, who graduated from USU with a broadcast journalism degree in 2016, denied that he was aroused by fear in the women's eyes and their attempts to get away. He testified that he is not proud of becoming intimate with a lot of women in college but that he never raped anyone.

Originally from Rubidoux, California, he was signed as a rookie lineman for the Atlanta Falcons following his successful time playing for USU, but was dropped in 2016 after the allegations became public. He is on trial for six counts of rape, two counts of object rape and one count of aggravated kidnapping, all first-degree felonies; and two counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.

A judge merged the six cases into one trial last year, in large part due to their similarities. Another sexual assault case remains separate, but no trial date has been set.