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4 Life Skills Teens Develop When They Travel Abroad

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Travel For Youth

If there is one hobby that people of all ages share, it’s a desire for travel. Some experts recognize that taking time away from our busy lives to see other parts of the world can make us better people.

“Travel is a time that is sort of set aside from our everyday lives. It can create flexibility, both mental flexibility and flexibility of social structures, that allows us to see things in a different way, have different experiences or do things a little bit differently,” said sociologist and author Karen Stein

We agree.

It’s encouraging to learn that despite the challenges COVID-19 creates, surveys found that most people plan to travel this year. Each age group polled, from millennials to Gen Z, anticipates at least three trips in 2022.

We look forward to hitting the open road as well. We’ve seen the positive impact travel has on people. The experiences young people encounter while visiting other parts of the world uncover talents and abilities that add clarity to their lives and will carry them through their life journey.

Here are four of the most transformative skills we consistently encounter in young people who travel.

One person can make an impact

Travelers don’t forget the people who stepped in when they needed help. Whether it was showing directions, sharing food, money, or a safe place to rest for a bit, the kindness of just one person in a new town is unforgettable.

The power humans possess to inspire others with hope, comfort, kindness, courage, and even laughter can change the trajectory of another’s life. So, when good things happen, young people learn to pay it forward.


Travel For Youth

Cooperation and Compromise is a lifelong skill

Facing a limited time in one area means most travelers follow a tight schedule when traveling. There are plenty of activities to experience. When a group can share ideas that help finalize plans and collaborate on scheduling activities, they don’t waste valuable time on disagreements. When people cooperate, they work more efficiently and accomplish much more with their time. 

Knowing how to communicate ideas with a willingness to compromise based on the desires of others opens up opportunities for enriching experiences and relationships.

Learn how to handle details

Few things in life require more patience, preparation, and attention to detail than planning a trip abroad. The ability to organize and manage required documentation, transportation, lodging, and itineraries offers valuable lessons in time management, budgeting, interpersonal communication, and cooperation.

Young people quickly learn that preparing for an incredible experience abroad doesn’t happen by accident. They learn that the skills needed to ensure travel plans go smoothly carry over into achieving personal goals. Success is found in the details, and much like planning a trip abroad, you must prepare and effectively manage them to get the desired outcome.  


Travel For Youth

Discover the sameness of people 

Part of the appeal of international travel is discovering the beauty of other lands while learning about different cultures and people. It’s rewarding to find that amid the contrast of cultures, people generally want the same things from life: we want to be happy, loved, and feel safe and secure. Although people’s approach to pursuing those things is often different between cultures, the similarities create lasting emotional connections.

At Travel For Youth, we’ve made a career out of seeing the world and sharing those experiences with others. Our reward is seeing the change in young people as they discover not only the wonders of a new culture and the spirit of people living in a different part of the world, but their strengths as they realize the power they hold to make a difference in their lives and others.

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