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3A cross-country: Porter Whitworth, Kylah Ricks top individuals; Carbon, Morgan take home top team prizes

Carbon’s Braxton Ware screams as he and teammates accept their first-place team trophy in the 3A boys cross country championship at Highland High School in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019.
Carbon’s Braxton Ware screams as he and teammates accept their first-place team trophy in the 3A boys cross country championship at Highland High School in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019.
Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Porter Whitworth of Grantsville won his second straight 3A boys state cross-country individual title with a time of 15:43.7 in the three-mile race.

“I feel tired, but it’s been a while since I’ve felt tired, so it’s a good feeling,” Whitworth said.

Whitworth came in right before Grand’s Evan Ellison, who crossed the finish line at 15:46.0. Gabe Sargent of Morgan finished in third place in 16:06.4.

After crossing the finish line, Whitworth shared a moment with his family, hugging them.

“Words can’t express, I’m so grateful for them. They’re the reason I have everything — the biggest support. I just owe everything to them. My family has always been there for me and I’m really blessed that way. Special moment, I’ll never forget it,” Whitworth said.

He detailed the sacrifice that went into making sure he was a state champion.

“It’s great. If you want to be a state champ, you have to sacrifice. I gave up social media, junk food, late nights, I went to bed at the right times. It’s a lot of sacrifice and it’s so great for it all to come true,” Whitworth said.

Carbon took home the boys title with a score of 57. The next closest team, Richfield, had a score of 90. Chad Page led the group, finishing in sixth place, while James Bryner finished in eighth place, Ryan Page finished ninth, Shane Scaugard finished 22nd and Kobe Cruz came in at 23rd.

“I was picturing this moment. These boys worked hard when they were putting in their work over the summer and then putting to region champions and now state champions. We just knew what it would take. Beginning of the race, I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest, but now, when it’s over, it’s just celebration time,” Carbon coach Telisse Martak said. “We’re excited. We’ve got a good senior group that’s going to set a good legacy for the upcoming class behind them.”

Kylah Ricks of Grand claimed her second straight 3A girls crown, finishing the three miles with a time of 18:50.2.

“I was just super pumped that all my work over the summer has been put to good use and all those workouts that I suffered through were worth it,” Ricks said.

Ricks finished about a minute and a half ahead of the next closest runner, Aubry Cook of North Sanpete, who had a time of 20:20.9. Rounding out the top three was Fiel Woods of Manti, who clocked in at 20:21.1.

“Probably at mile two when I knew I was a little bit behind the time I wanted to get and I just had to keep pushing, even though there was no one around me to push me to go faster,” Ricks said of the hardest part of the race.

Ricks trained every day for 100 straight days in the summer in preparation for the race.

“I started in the summer and I did about 50 miles every week. Around June 10, I started running every single day for 100 days until I got too tired and I had to take a day off. I really think the 100 days of consistent running really helped me out. I have a great coach and my father knows everything about me and he just helped me along the whole process,” Ricks said.

Morgan won its second consecutive title as it put up a score of 37. Union finished second with 93 and North Sanpete placed third with 95. Ella Stevenson led the Trojans with a time of 20:41.8, finishing fifth. Right behind her were teammates Sophie Earley, Kate Heywood and Bailey Beckstrom, who placed sixth, seventh and ninth, respectively.

“We only lost one scorer last year and then we picked up three really good freshman who ran for us at state this year and so we knew coming in that we had a really good shot to repeat if we just stayed healthy and finished out. It feels really good. The girls worked really hard, and they deserve it,” Morgan coach Brennen Fuller said.

Class 3A state championships

Boys team scores

1. Carbon, 57

2. Richfield, 90

3. Morgan, 107

4. Emery, 115

5. Grantsville, 129

6. Judge Memorial, 133

7. North Sanpete, 153

8. Juab, 180

Boys individual results

1. Porter Whitworth, Grantsville, 15:43.7

2. Evan Ellison, Grand County, 15:46.0

3. Gabe Sargent, Morgan, 16:06.4

4. Bryar Meccariello, Emery, 16:11.3

5. Hayden Harward, Richfield, 16:13.7

6. Chad Page, Carbon, 16:25.3

7. Joseph Hill, Judge Memorial, 16:27.4

8. James Bryner, Carbon, 16:29.3

9. Ryan Page, Carbon, 16:30.0

10. Jett Davenport, Union, 16:31.0

Girls team scores

1. Morgan, 37

2. Union, 93

3. North Sanpete, 95

4. Judge, 104

5. Grantsville, 136

6. Manti, 151

7. Richfield, 173

8. Emery, 174

Girls individual results

1. Kylah Ricks, Grand County, 18:50.2

2. Aubry Cook, North Sanpete, 20:20.9

3. Fiel Woods, Manti, 20:21.1

4. Madelyn Bossarte, Judge Memorial, 20:30.1

5. Ella Stevenson, Morgan, 20:41.8

6. Sophie Earley, Morgan, 20:53.8

7. Kate Heywood, Morgan, 20:55.2

8. Sidney Snow, Union, 20:56.7

9. Bailey Beckstrom, Morgan, 20:56.8

10. Madi Tartaro, Judge Memorial, 20:58.7