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This Girl Scout put Jason Momoa's picture on boxes of Samoa cookies, and they sold out like hotcakes

SALT LAKE CITY — They say that branding is everything in business, and a Girl Scout from Colorado learned the truth of that this month after putting photos of "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa on boxes of Samoa cookies.

What happened: Fifth-grader Charlotte Holmberg worked with her mother, a marketing professional, to give a Momoa-themed rebrand to her boxes of Samoa cookies, according to People.

  • Holmberg’s mother helped her print out and plaster images of Momoa on the cookies’ purple packaging as well as change the name on the box to “Momoas,” according to People.
  • The rebranding started out as an inside joke among Holmberg, her friends and family, according to the Girl Scouts, but Holmberg quickly sold out of every box she owned and her cookie-selling scheme has since gone viral on social media.

At the time she was selling the cookies, Holmberg told NBC 9News “The moms are getting really excited, and they’re saying that they need them. The girls will want to buy some because he’s on the front, and the boys will also want to buy some, because he might be their favorite character.”

Backlash: Though the initial response to the cookies was positive, Holmberg’s family has received some backlash for the cookie boxes.

Facebook user Maria Mossovitz wrote on the Girl Scouts of Colorado Facebook page, “Girl Scouts of Colorado still not addressing how it is right what was done. Joke or not... it is still teaching this young lady that copyright infringement is permitted and stealing is ok.”

The Girl Scouts have since announced that Holmberg is no longer using the image to sell cookies.

Holmberg’s “Momoas” seem pretty on-brand for her. Holmberg is known as her Girl Scout troop’s “Cookie CEO,” as last year alone, she sold over 2,000 boxes of cookies, according to NBC 9News.

Read more about Holmberg’s Momoa Samoas here:

‪Thank you Kim Christiansen and Kristen Aguirre of 9NEWS (KUSA) for supporting Girl Scout Charlotte and purchasing a package of Jason Momoa Samoas!

Posted by Girl Scouts of Colorado on Wednesday, February 13, 2019