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Here's why a 2014 song from Donny Osmond may reveal the Peacock's identity on 'The Masked Singer'

SALT LAKE CITY — Another clue from the Peacock on “The Masked Singer” hinted at the mysterious singer being Donny Osmond, Newsweek reports.

On the show’s eighth episode, the Peacock mentioned the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, who, funny enough, is one of the judges on the show. “On one of my albums, I used ‘Blurred Lines’ as my inspiration,” the Peacock said.

Several people considered this as a hint to Weird Al Yankovic being the Peacock since the parody artist wrote a song that made fun of “Blurred Lines” (called “Word Crimes”) for his 2014 album “Mandatory Fun.”

Yes, but: Donny Osmond released an album around the same time called “The Soundtrack to My Life,” according to Newsweek. And he told UK Music Review that the album was essentially a bunch of cover songs.

  • “It was a very difficult album for me to make because the whole concept behind this album could have very easily turned into a karaoke album … you don’t want to do exactly what the original artist did but also you don’t want to go too far from the original because that is what people fell in love with.”
  • He said one song had a total remake. “Songs like 'Peg,' well, I really just messed up 'Peg' the way that I wanted to do it. It is nothing like the original Steely Dan track at all; I just did it my own way, very much like ‘Blurred Lines’ that is popular at the moment,” he said.

Rumors have suggested for awhile that the Peacock is Donny Osmond. There’s the tattoo clue and the wig and jail clue to consider. Plus, Marie Osmond sort of hinted that her brother is the masked singer, too.

The Peacock’s identity will be revealed this coming Wednesday in “The Masked Singer” finale episode.