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Missed the 'Fortnite' and Marshmello concert event? Watch it here for your glimpse into the future

SALT LAKE CITY — “Fortnite” offered us a glimpse into the future over the weekend.

Millions of online gamers tuned in to watch the DJ Marshmello concert, which happened live and literally in the game, according to BBC News.

Marshmello performed his 2018 hit songs “Everyday” and “Happier.”

“The concert was entirely virtual, briefly turning Fortnite from third-person shooter game into music venue,” according to BBC News.

Watch the concert below.

Marshmello was excited about the broadcast.

  • “We made history today! The first ever live virtual concert inside of @fortnite with millions of people in attendance. So insane, thank you epic games and everyone who made this possible,” the masked DJ tweeted.

How it happened: As I reported last week, Fortnite gamers who were logged in at 2 a.m. ET could visit Pleasant Park in the game, where they would find a stage for the concert. “Fortnite” even disabled the ability to use weapons during the game so people could watch the entire event.

Not the first time: As BBC reported, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a concert-video game crossover. Minecraft once hosted a Coachella festival, which was a play off the Coachella concert. Virtual concerts appeared en masse in the game “Second Life” back in the early aughts, as well.

A glimpse at the future: The Verge called the concert “a bizarre and exciting glimpse of the future.”

  • “It truly felt like a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment, where the worlds of gaming, music, and celebrity combined to create a virtual experience we’ve never quite seen before,” according to The Verge.

Why it matters: As The Verge puts it, “The whole event is sure to have earned Epic a sizable sum in microtransaction revenue from skins and emotes, and one can only imagine what kind of advertising or other marketing campaigns could one day make use of the technology here. But, right now, the concert feels like a concerted attempt by Epic to truly out-do itself and raise the stakes for what a live, persistent game world can be capable enough with the right creative minds and technical infrastructure put to the task.”