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Letter: Everyone should take pre-marital counseling

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

There are so many things couples learn in pre-marital counseling. Couples who have taken this before getting married have said it is life-changing. Pre-marital orientation can help you realize what you really want in life, and it should be required for everyone to take it, so they are aware of some things before marriage.

If we make it a law for couples to take pre-marital counseling, we would have less divorce rates in the United States of America because we are more aware of what to expect in a marriage. Pre-marital orientation can also help you realize whether your partner is for you, or some may realize that marriage is not for them at all. Yes, it does cost money to take pre-marital counseling, but it can also help you save money because someone that did not take pre-marital counseling will realize they don’t want to be married but they are already in a marriage, so they have to pay for a divorce. And divorces are more expensive than pre-marital counseling.

In conclusion, pre-marital orientation will give you a lot of knowledge about marriage and it can help you save money by not getting a divorce later. Therefore, let's mandate pre-marital orientation for every couple.

Kayla Williams

St. George