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Letter: Maintaining the status quo isn't always right

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

The NRA is in complete charge of the gun issue in Utah. No other fringe organization enjoys equal power in the Utah, Republican legislature.

The media understands this and gun lobbyist, Clark Aphosian, is the first one called for an opinion; this despite nearly 40,000 deaths nationally from gun violence last year as the result of sloppy, permissive gun laws that the NRA has promoted for decades.

Nine bills demanding common sense gun regulations did not even make it out of committee for a vote on the floor. And why? Likely because Republican legislators, wholly owned by the NRA, were told how to vote. A universal background check favored by 85 percent of Utahns was rejected. So was the safe storage bill requiring gun owners to lock up their guns in their absence. This despite a horrific rate of teen suicides in which a gun from the home was often used.

So congratulations GOP and NRA. You maintained the status quo, and the only major losers are the dead and wounded, a safe environment in which to live and raise children, and a respectable place for the headquarters of a worldwide church.

Despite your claim that gun ownership is a God-given right, it is surpassed by the God-given responsibility to save lives.

Ron Molen

Salt Lake City