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Utah State track & field wins 11 events on final day of Aggie Invitational

Senior Megan Ryan in the 1,500-meter run
Senior Megan Ryan in the 1,500-meter run
Wade Denniston, USU Athletics Media Relations

LOGAN Utah State track & field wrapped up the 2019 Aggie Invitational with 11 event titles on Saturday, including a strong showing in the throwing events.

Four Aggies placed themselves on the all-time outdoor program list as sophomore Talie Bonds' first-place 100 meter hurdle run of 13.74 is now the tied for sixth in program history. Senior Stephanie Wright placed fourth in the pole vault with a height of 3.70 meters (12-1.5), which is now tied for the seventh-best jump in USU history.

Senior Jennifer Christensen finished second in the high jump with a leap of 1.75 meters (5-8.75), as that height is now tied for the eighth-best high jump in program history. Sophomore Hunter Simonsen's second-place high jump of 2.11 meters (6-11) put him tied for ninth all-time with teammate Leaugen Fray.

Senior Brenn Flint swept the shot put and discus on Saturday, as the Syracuse, Utah, native recorded throws of 15.79 meters (51-9.75) and 46.95 meters (154-0), respectively.

The Aggie men also swept the throwing events, as sophomore Josh Barclay threw a personal-best 17.41 meters (57-1.5) in the shot put, while sophomore Christian Sonnenberg placed first in the discus throw with a heave of 51.51 meters (169-0). Rounding out the Aggie men finishing on top was sophomore Luke Bailey, who won the 1,500 meter run with a time of 3:58.03, while sophomore Coen Haroldsen finished behind Bailey with a personal-best time of 4:02.16.

Other Aggie women that placed first in their event came from junior Jensen Mosman in the 200m (25.44), freshman Alexis Koetitz in the 400-meter hurdles (1:04.61) and senior Megan Ryan in the 1,500 meter run (4:34.90).

The 4x400m quartet of Mosman, Koetitz, junior Melanie Muncy and freshman Rachel Fronk finished first with a time of 3:53.64.

Rounding out the women's titles for the Aggies is sophomore Bailey Maseda, who placed first in the triple jump with a leap of 11.58 meters (38-0).

Utah State is back in action at four meets next week. The Aggies will participate in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate on Thursday, April 18, the Mt. SAC Relays from Thursday through Saturday, April 18-20, the Bryan Clay Invitational from Thursday through Saturday, April 18-20 and the Beach Invitational from Friday through Saturday, April 19-20.

Aggie Invitational

Ralph Maughan Stadium

Logan, Utah April 13, 2019

Women's Results

100m (finals): 1. Jaslyn Gardner (BYU), 11.74; 2. Rachel Fronk (USU), 12.52; 3. Hannah Bartz (ISU), 12.53; 4. Danielle Nielson (USU), 12.97. 100m Hurdles (finals): 1. Talie Bonds (USU), 13.74; 2. LIndsay Shirley (BYU), 14.12; 3. Alyssa Hirschi (USU), 14.60; 4. Abbey Bryant (USU), 14.72; 5. Alexis Koetitz (USU), 14.86; 7. Nakyla Jude (USU), 15.04; 10. Lily Fullmer (USU), 16.15; 12. Aspen Drecksel (USU), 16.54. 200m (finals): 1. Jensen Mosman (USU), 25.44; 2. Rachel Fronk (USU), 25.85; 3. Melanie Muncy (USU), 25.94; 5. Nakyla Jude (USU), 26.11; 6. Abbey Bryant (USU), 26.33; 8. Danielle Nielson (USU), 26.88; Kasia Lawrynowicz (USU), DNS 400m (finals): 1. Sami Oblad (unattached), 57.16; 2. Ashley Vanvleet Sturgis (ISU), 57.19; 3. Olivia Holmes (ISU), 58.98. 400m Hurdles (finals): 1. Alexis Koetitz (USU), 1:04.61; 2. Darby Jacobson (ISU), 1:07.33; 3. Lily Fullmer (USU), 1:10.35. 800m (finals): 1. Elli Eastmond (unattached), 2:18.11; Shayla Henderson (ISU), 2:18.65; 3. Hannah Davidson (USU), 2:19.20; Karen Christensen (USU), DNF; Shannon Maloney (USU), DNF. 1,500m (finals): 1. Megan Ryan (USU), 4:34.90; 2. Shannon Maloney (USU), 4:36.52; 3. Jenica Dodge (ISU), 4:37.04; 4. Kelsey Yamauchi (USU), 4:45.45; 5. Madison Taylor (USU), 4:46.86; 6. Camille Wirthlin (USU), 4:48.09; 8. Josie Givens (USU), 4:52.73; 9. Tavia Dutson (USU), 4:54.31; 11. Emily Hubner (USU), 5:00.88; 12. Emma Brownell (USU), 5:03.99; 13. Presli Hutison (USU), 5:04.50;16. Hannaly McGaughey (USU), 5:31.44; Cierra Simmons (USU), DNF; Kashley Carter (USU), DNF. 3,000m Steeplechase: 1. Molly Olsen (Idaho State), 11:40.69; 2. Natalie Verschoor (Idaho State), 12:32.44. 4x400m (finals): 1. Utah State (Jensen Mosman, Alexis Koetitz, Melanie Muncy, Rachel Fronk), 3:53.64; 2. Idaho State 'A' (Shayla Henderson, Olivia Holmes, Brianna VanVleet, Ashley VanVleet), 3:55.29; 3. Idaho State 'B' (Molly Olsen, Mark Kate Marshall, Hannah Bartz, Darby Jacobson), 4:11.95. High Jump (finals): 1. Andrea Stapleton-Johnson (BYU), 1.85m; 2. Jennifer Christensen (USU), 1.75m; 3. Ellyana Long (BYU), 1.66m; 6. Alyssa Hirschi (USU), J1.66m; 7. Talie Bonds (USU), J1.66m; 8. Audrey Garrett (USU), 1.61m. Long Jump (finals): 1. Jaslyn Gardner (BYU), 5.60m; 2. Ashley Vanvleet Sturgis (ISU), 5.59m; 3. Whitney Skabelund (USU), 5.33m; 7. Aspen Drecksel (USU), 4.88m; 9. Jennifer Christensen (USU), 4.47m(-0.3), Alyssa Hirschi (USU), DNS. Triple Jump (finals): 1. Bailey Maseda (USU), 11.58m; 2. Brianna VanVleet (ISU), 11.53m; 3. Sadie Sutton (ISU), 11.31m; 5. Whitney Skabelund (USU), 10.53m. Pole Vault (finals): 1. Isabel Neal (BYU), 4.00m; 2. Jessica Swannack (ISU), 3.45m; 3. Elise Romney (BYU), J3.85m; 4. Stephanie Wright (USU), 3.70m; Maren Garnett (USU), NH. Discus (finals): 1. Brenn Flint (USU), 46.95m; 2. Michala Zilkey (USU), 46.05m; 3. Tori Bailey (USU), 45.17m; 6. Darcy Allen (USU), 42.65m. Shot Put (finals): 1. Brenn Flint (USU), 15.79m; 2. Maia Garren (unattached), 15.76m; 3. Sierra Freeland (unattached); 14.37m; 4. Tori Bailey (USU), 13.73m; 6. Darcy Allen (USU), 11.91m; 8. Aspen Drecksel (USU), 9.38m.

Men's Results 100m (finals): 1. Treyshon Malone (ISU), 10.44; 2. Derek Sorensen (BYU), 10.50; 3. Carl Jones (USU), 10.61; 9. Chad Artist (USU), 11.10; 10. Roman Ruiz (USU), 11.71. 110m Hurdles (finals): 1. Treyshon Malone (ISU), 14.59; 2. Tyler Lloyd (USU), 14.79; 3. Jacob Davis (USU), 15.18); 4. Zach Meyer (USU), 15.20; 200m (finals): 1. Treyshon Malone (ISU), 21.15; 2. Cole Lambourne (unattached), 21.17; 3. Colten Yardley (BYU), 21.80; 5. Austin Lane (USU), 22.01; 6. Spencer Eldridge (USU), 22.04; 12. Zach Meyer (USU), 22.67. 400m (finals): 1. Colten Yardley (BYU), 48.33; 2. Abram Schaap (BYU), 48.98; 3. Kodee Vining (ISU), 49.71; 8. Garrett Stone (USU), 51.81. 400m Hurdles (finals): 1. Cal Duke (unattached), 52.48; 2. Jakota Brown (ISU), 53.23; 3. Tyler Johnson (ISU), 55.47; 5. Jacob Davis (USU), 56.28. 800m (finals): 1. Daniel Garz (ISU), 1:54.26; 2. Dylan Barker (USU) 1:54.96; Scott Greeves (ISU), 1:56.66. 1,500m (finals): 1. Luke Bailey (USU), 3:58:03; 2. Coen Haroldsen (USU), 4:02.16; 3. Kody Gould (USU), 4:03.66; Jakob Tew (USU), DNF. 3,000m Steeplechase: 1. Ty James (unattached), 9:43.31; 2. Ricky Kuciemba (Idaho State), 9:50.69; 3. Spencer Nelson (unattached); 9:55.60.

4x400m (finals): 1. BYU (Abram Schaap, Dantly Wilcox, Trevor Leavitt, Colten Yardley), 3:17.62; 2. Utah State (Chad Artist, Tyler Lloyd, Mikhail Kidd, Spencer Eldridge), 3:19.90; 3. Idaho State (Kodee Vining, Markos Huerta, Jakota Brown, Daniel Garz), 3:22.15. High Jump (finals): 1. Zachary Blackham (unattached), 2.11m; 2. Hunter Simonsen (USU), J2.11m; 3. Chandler Obray (USU), 2.06m; 5. Leaugen Fray-Benoit (USU), J2.01m; 9. Roman Ruiz (USU), 1.76m. Long Jump (finals): 1. Treyshon Malone (ISU), 7.36m; 2. Leaugen Fray-Benoit (USU), 6.96m; 3. Wyatt Helm (unattached), 6.73m. Triple Jump (finals): 1. Jacob Peister (BYU), 14.60m; Seth Jarus (unattached), 13.61m; 3. Wyatt Helm (unattached), 13.55m. Discus (finals): 1. Christian Sonnenberg (USU), 51.51m; 2. Trevor Jensen (ISU), 49.86m; 3. Leo Finsterbusch (ISU), 49.54m; 4. Josh Barclay (USU), 47.25m. Shot Put (finals): 1. Josh Barclay (USU), 17.41m; 2. Kyle Morris (USU), 16.91m; 3. Trevor Jensen (ISU), 15.81m; 5. Christian Sonneberg (USU), 15.30m.