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Letter: The looming disaster

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

With regard to moving the homeless shelters to locations far from downtown Salt Lake City, I am well aware that these decisions have already been made and the money has changed hands. But that doesn’t mean that this incredibly awful decision shouldn’t ever be brought up again. It most surely should be. The men’s shelter is being located adjacent to the county jail.

And yes, I am actually a homeless man myself, so I have an inside perspective. How the move was communicated to the men’s population was at least insensitive. Not all of the men at the shelter, as you can imagine (I hope), are capable of comprehending this move. Some are convinced of not only incarceration but also of outright elimination.

In spite of what some would have you believe, the homeless population really aren’t just a bunch of drug-addled wastrels and parasites. Most of us are thinking, feeling and sane. We are loved and loving people. Just sending us to locations where we will not be inconvenient to development is not the same as addressing the issues that brought us here.

Kip Yost

Salt Lake City