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Morning links: The best and worst videos from NFL schedule release day; why USU’s Sam Merrill is coming back to Logan

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SALT LAKE CITY — Wednesday night was schedule release day for the NFL, and all 32 teams had different ways of revealing their list of home and away games.

The most popular theme was Game of Thrones, but each had a slightly different take. For Washington, they showed off the structure of each stadium the team is playing in while the Texans showed a little more detail as each team's slogan was included and the squads were broken down by division.

The GOAT of GOT-themed schedule reveals goes to the Atlanta Falcons, if only for what happens in the 40-second mark.

Other teams, like the Seahawks and Broncos, did a video-game theme. The Carolina Panthers may have done it best by zooming through video game history as they went through their schedule.

Other teams, like the New York Giants, used humor in their video.

And it's hard to not be excited about the games on "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!"

The Lions used GIFs from The Office:

Other teams, like the Browns and Rams (with former Ute Eric Weddle) took a more low-key approach. The Colts using a deadpan Andrew Luck is the best of the bunch.

The Chiefs and Raiders went in a more reverent route as both teams are celebrating their 60th seasons of professional football. The Chicago Bears are celebrating 100 years:

The hardest ones to watch may be the Vikings and Jaguars, which may have been trying a little too hard, while the Cincinnati Bengals seemed to throw their video together at the last minute.

The silliest of all the videos came from the Los Angeles Chargers, who used stock videos to illustrate their schedule.


Here's an at-a-glance look at all 32 schedules.

Why Sam Merrill is coming back to USU

The Mountain West Conference player of the year Sam Merrill thought about submitting his name for the NBA Draft — to at least get some workouts with teams, but ultimately decided to announce he's returning to Utah State for his senior season.

"At the end of the day, it’s better for me personally and for our team to not even worry about and focus on what I can improve on," he told in's Andy Katz in a video interview.

With a jumbled roster and a new coach, not many expected the the Aggies to win the conference title and go to the NCAA Tournament, but Merrill said he could tell early last year that this group of guys was "special." This year, the team will have a target on its back, but Merrill said he's not worried.

"I think we're going to handle it like how we handled it last year," he said. "We have developed a culture as a team that whatever we do, wherever we are, we're going to do it with energy and we’re going to do it with enthusiasm and we’re going to work hard."

Is MyKayla Skinner is one of the most hated gymnasts?

While the Utes' MyKayla Skinner is beloved in Salt Lake City, the feeling isn't always shared across the country. Slate's Rebecca Schuman lays out the case for all the hate, but it mostly comes down to attitude.

“Despite being an outstanding gymnast — her opening tumbling pass on floor is a double-double, which most international elites can’t throw — Skinner lacks one key quality that all champion gymnasts must possess: the constant smile required even of athletes being carried off the floor.”

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