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Letter: What are we paying our elected leaders for?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

After 675 days and at the taxpayer expense of $40 million, the Mueller investigation hopefully appears to be over. No evidence of “Russian collusion” or “obstruction of justice” apparent.

What are we paying our elected leaders for? During the past two years or more, the Democrats have done absolutely nothing to earn their salaries but trash our duly elected president. I thought we paid them to protect us, the American people, and make our lives better?

The Republicans (my own party) are no better. Twelve Republican senators (including the two from Utah) failed to support the president in his bid to protect us.

I haven’t heard one Republican mention reducing the cost of health care by limiting tort lawyers, medical malpractice suits or promoting across state lines health insurance.

What about the rising cost of prescription drugs? And the reduction in Medicare help for Medicare recipients, like my wife and I? We pay far more for life-stabilizing medicine than we pay for food.

In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge, "We would be better off dying and reducing the surplus population.”

Alan Carabine