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Letter: Thank a teacher

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up, with most schools celebrating during the first or second week of May.

Like many others, I am concerned about low wages for teachers, as well as the ongoing issue of underfunded education in Utah. I feel frustrated that I can’t change some of these problems. But I can do one thing right now: I can be generous with my own kids’ teachers. Notes, gift cards, treats, cash donation to a class — I am more than happy to share what I can to give our teachers a small “raise."

I know that not everyone can give money or time, but I encourage parents to do what they can to show appreciation next month. (And don’t forget about teachers at the junior high and high school levels. I make my kids choose one teacher to thank, if they don’t feel comfortable giving a gift to all.) Even thanking one teacher is a step in the right direction toward advocating for education.

Cissy Rasmussen