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Letter: Pros to daylight saving time

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

When discussing the respective merits of daylight time and standard time, most of us cannot remember which is which. All we know is that changing our clocks twice a year is annoying, which it certainly is. Because such inconvenience is a result of daylight saving, many of us conclude we would be better off without it. Surely, this cannot be what we mean. I believe what we really mean is that we love the spring daylight time and wish we could stay on it year-round rather than reverting to standard time in the fall.

Some have proposed eliminating daylight saving because they mistakenly believe we would perpetually enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the evening. If they understood that we would forever lose an hour of evening daylight, I imagine the majority of Utahns would willingly overlook the twice-yearly disruption so that we could continue to enjoy the evening hour for seven months of the year.

To be sure, changing our clocks is annoying, but we must not overlook the tremendous benefits of daylight saving time: Longer evenings encourage Utahns to spend more time outdoors and more time supporting local businesses, thus improving the health of individuals, families, communities and our economy. Forever abolishing daylight time would compromise our health, hurt families and communities and harm local businesses. Are we really willing to make such a terrible sacrifice simply to avoid the hassle of losing an hour of sleep every March?

Alan Stout

Cedar Hills