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LGBTQ rights and religious freedom; BYU coaching staff talks recruiting; Mitt Romney or Mike Lee? Joe Biden announces

SALT LAKE CITY — Here’s a look at the news for April 26.

There’s a reason why LGBTQrights and religious freedom debates are polarizing our understanding of discrimination. Here’s why it matters.

A federal appeals court ruled chalking tires is unconstitutional. What does that mean for Utah?

New BYU coaching staff is eager to recruit to a place they didn’t choose as players.

Is Mitt Romney or Mike Lee doing a better job in the Senate? Here’s what Utah voters said.

The Marvel movie marathon is over. Read my thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame”and my reaction to the marathon.

Joe Biden announced his 2020 presidential campaign. Here’s why party leaders say it’s “going to excite a lot of Utah Democrats.”

A look ahead to your weekend:

Your Weekend: It's time to pet all the baby animals

Movie review: 'Peterloo' is a passionate history lesson that doesn't know when to end

Utah's Japan Festival could help uncover more Japanese American stories from WWII

7 underrated Utah drives, according to a travel expert

A look at our top read stories:

This information could change your life, but you're probably too distracted to listen

Friend catches climber, 18, in 20-foot fall before prom night

Joe Ingles feels Utah Jazz are close to becoming 'unbelievable team' if most of roster remains intact this offseason

You can now stay inside a giant potato for $200 a night

News from the U.S. and world:

The girls of Bessborough | BBC News

Jailed French executive who felt force of U.S. bribery law | BBC News

Her ‘Prince Charming’ turned out to be a crazed hit man on the run | The New York Times

Joe Biden expresses regret to Anita Hill, but she says ‘I’m Sorry’ is not enough | The New York Times

Kim Jong Un accuses U.S. of acting in 'bad faith' | CNN