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What's new: 'The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection' encourages focus on spirit

"THE BODY, MIND, SPIRIT CONNECTION," by Matt Townsend, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 75 minutes

Life is full of paradox, and popular relationship coach Matt Townsend explores some of those paradoxes in his new audio presentation titled “The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection.”

Matt Townsend
Matt Townsend

People often want what they can’t have and can’t have what they want. A person may want his or her spouse or children to be with them, but also want them to be independent. People want agency to choose, but sometimes want someone else to tell him or her what to do. These are among the paradoxes Townsend discusses.

He uses a target to illustrate the mind, body and spirit connection. The spirit is the center, or the bull’s-eye, with the mind and body rippling out, in that order. He suggests that the bull’s-eye is the goal, but says that most of us are missing it, allowing the body and mind to dominate the spirit, instead of the reverse.

A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he brings his personal experience and knowledge of gospel doctrine, together with well-timed humored, to talk about how relationships can be improved and strengthened. He cites the teachings of church leaders, scriptures and colleagues to illuminate his message.

It’s an enjoyable, thought-provoking and informative presentation that reflects the purpose of his work as stated on his website: “My mission is to help couples create inspired marriages and relationships.” The talk, which runs 75 minutes, is divided into multiple tracks, making it easy to locate specific sections on the CD. It’s also available as an audiobook.

Although there are some nonoffensive humorous references to differences between the male and female way of seeing things, there is no foul language, swearing, violence or sexual innuendo.

Townsend has a regular show on relationships on KSL’s Studio 5 with Brooke Walker and is the author of “Starved Stuff: Feeding the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships." He and his family live in Draper.