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Letter: Your value

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

So often my clients come in with little to no awareness of how amazing, awesome, brilliant, resilient and awesome they are (yes, I said "awesome" twice). And just as often, I go over what their value is and explain the rational and logic to support the discussion.

Alright, let’s figure out your value! But first, what is your favorite color? Mine’s blue. Can you or anyone take that away from me? No. Why? Because not only is blue the coolest color, my liking it best comes from inside; it’s internal. You can chop off my arm (please don’t) but you can’t take away my favorite color. That's an odd way to explain it but valid, nonetheless.

The same goes for your value. It can't be taken away, and I can prove it. See this $5 bill? Can you change the paper bill into any other paper bill amount? No. It never even turns into a quarter, nickel or dime because it is a paper $5 bill. The paper can be torn, ripped, stomped on, spit on, used, defaced, etc. but it’s value can’t change by what it does, what it goes through or what it buys, and neither can yours.

Where did we go wrong? Western culture gets it wrong by attaching too much value on external things (stuff outside of ourselves). Here's the truth: Our value comes from our internal attributes — and we’re born with them. They’re part of who we are. You are priceless. Congratulations, you hit the jackpot.

Jed Thorpe