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Utah State track and field captures two titles on final day of BYU-hosted Clarence Robison Invitational

Senior Brenn Flint
Senior Brenn Flint
Wade Denniston, USU Athletics Media Relations

PROVO — For the third consecutive year, Utah State senior thrower Brenn Flint captured the shot put title in the finals at the BYU-hosted Clarence Robison Invitational on Friday at the Clarence F. Robison Track and Field Complex. Flint shared the shot put title the previous two years with former teammate Olivia Moriconi.

Flint threw 15.58 meters (51-1.5), while sophomore Bailey Maseda won the triple jump title with a leap of 11.66 meters (38-3).

Sophomore Talie Bonds finished second in the 100-meter hurdle finals with a personal-best time of 13.47, as that time now sits third on the all-time outdoor program list. Furthermore, her time is now the fifth-best time in the Mountain West this season. Freshman Abbey Bryant ran a personal-best time of 14.47 in the same event.

Senior Jennifer Christensen leaped a personal-best 1.76 meters (5.9.25), as she finished second overall. Her height is now the sixth-best performance on the all-time outdoor program list, and sits second in the conference this season. Freshman Audrey Garrett also leaped a personal-best height of 1.71 meters (5.7.25) in the same event.

Freshman Maren Garnett performed well in the pole vault, as she leaped a personal-best mark of 3.74 meters (12-3.25), as that mark now sits seventh all-time in program history.

Also on the women's side, junior Jensen Mosman ran a personal-best time of 55.58 in the 400 meter run. Darcy Allen threw a personal-best 48.07 meters (157-7.25) in the discus, placing second overall, while Tori Bailey threw a personal-best 46.38 meters (152-2) in the same event, placing fourth.

The duo of sophomore Karen Christensen and senior Shannon Maloney went four-five in the 800-meter run, as they both ran personal-best times of 2:11.35 and 2:13.44, respectively. Rounding off the women's personal-best accolades is freshman Alexis Koetitz, who ran a 400-meter hurdles time of 1:03.37.

On the men's side, senior Carl Jones Jr. ran a personal-best time of 21.57 in the 200-meter finals, finishing fifth overall. Freshman Mikhail Kidd ran a personal-best 49.43 in the 400-meter run, while junior Tyler Lloyd ran a personal-best time of 53.48 in the 400-meter hurdles. Junior Kyle Brost leaped a personal-best 6.92 meters (22-8.5) in the long jump.

The 4x400-meter quartet of Mikhail, Tyler Lloyd, Jacob Davis and Spencer Eldridge all ran a personal-best, third-place time of 3:16.55.

The Aggies will next travel to Ogden, Utah, for the Weber State-hosted Twilight Meet on Wednesday, May 1.

BYU Clarence Robison Invitational

Clarence F. Robison Track and Field Complex Provo, Utah, April 27, 2019

Utah State women's results

400-meter: 5. Jensen Mosman, 55.58; 7. Melanie Muncy, 57.15; 17. Dani Nielson, 1:03.25; --- Aspen Drecksel, DNS

800-meter: 4. Karen Christensen, 2:11.35; 5. Shannon Maloney, 2:13.44

100-meter hurdles (finals): 2. Talie Bonds, 13.47; 9. Abbey Bryant, 14.47; 11. Alexis Koetitz, 14.79

400-meter hurdles: 9. Alexis Koetitz, 1:03.37; 15. Nakyla Jude, 1:06.01; 19. Lily Fullmer, 1:09.01

Mile: 8. Camilee Wirthlin, 5:07.66; 13. Hannah Davidson, 5:17.37; 17. Emily Hubner, 5:19.74; 23. Madison Taylor, 5:26.95; 30. Emma Brownell, 5:43.71; 31. Hannaly McGaughey, 6:04.85; ---Mica Rivera, DNF.

5,000-meter: 3. Bailee Parker, 18:04.69; 4. Kelsey Yamauchi-Richins, 18:16.53; 5. Kashley Carter, 18:26.98; 7. Rae Bedke, 18:43.77; --- Mica Rivera, DNF

4x100-meter: 5. Nakyla Jude, Melanie Muncy, Rachel Fronk, Jensen Mosman, 47.87

4x400-meter: 3. Jensen Mosman, Karen Christensen, Alexis Koetitz, Melanie Muncy, 3:48.24

Pole vault: 8. Maren Garnett, 3.74m (12-3.25); T14. Stephanie Wright, 3.44m (11-3.5)

High jump: 2. Jennifer Christensen, 1.76m (5-9.25); T4. Audrey Garrett, 1.71m (5-7.25)

Long jump: 11. Aspen Drecksel, 5.30m (17-4.75); 12. Whitney Skabelund, 5.30m (17-4.75)

Triple jump: 1. Bailey Maseda, 11.66m (38-3); 6. Whitney Skabelund, 10.37m (34-0.25)

Shot put: 1. Brenn Flint, 15.58m (51-1.5); 10. Darcy Allen, 11.92m (39-1.25); --- Tori Bailey, FOUL

Discus: 2. Darcy Allen, 48.04m (157-7.25); 4. Tori Bailey, 46.38m (152-2)

Javelin: 4. Jenny Bitner, 42.38m (139-0.5); 13. Stephanie Crapse, 37.14m (121-10.25); 22. Alyssa Hirschi-Swenson, 30.44m (99-10.5); 24. Talie Bonds, 28.66m (94-0.25).

Utah State men's results

100-meter: (finals): 4. Carl Jones Jr., 10.78; 6. Austin Lane, 11.03

200-meter (finals): 5. Carl Jones Jr., 21.57

400-meter: 12. Mikhail Kidd, 49.43; 22. Garrett Stone, 52.24

800-meter: 10. Dylan Barker, 1:54.22; 11. Devin Pancake, 1:54.35

400-meter hurdles: 7. Tyler Lloyd, 53.48; 15. Jacob Davis, 55.54

Mile: 14. Coen Haroldsen, 4:20.51; 29. Kody Gould, 4:32.01

5,000-meter: 4. Caleb Garnica, 15:15.92

4x100-meter: 3. Jacob Davis, Carl Jones Jr., Chad Artist, Austin Lane, 41.45

4x400-meter: 3. Mikhail Kidd, Tyler Lloyd, Jacob Davis, Spencer Eldridge, 3:16.55

Pole vault: T6. Roman Ruiz, 4.77m (15-7.75); T8. Bryce Raders, 4.62m (15-2)

Long jump: 7. Kyle Brost, 6.92m (22-8.5); 10. Leaugen Fray, 6.68m (21-11); 17. Roman Ruiz, 5.89m (19-4)

Triple jump: 4. Kyle Brost, 14.77m (48-5.5)

Javelin: 5. Kyle Morris, 60.28m (197-9.25)