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Salt Lake man's DUI arrest happened 6 days after another DUI arrest

Todd R. Smith
Todd R. Smith
Salt Lake County Jail

SALT LAKE CITY — A man who police accused of hitting a pedestrian while driving drunk was arrested just one day after he was charged with DUI in another case, according to court records.

Todd R. Smith, 49, of Salt Lake City, was arrested Wednesday for investigation of DUI with serious injury, failing to remain at the scene of an accident and having an open container in a vehicle.

About 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, Salt Lake police say Smith hit a man who was not in a crosswalk near 100 S. Main and kept driving. Witnesses told officers the victim had been standing in the street. The man was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries and was placed in a medically induced coma, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report.

Smith, who lives nearby, continued to his apartment complex where he "created a scene with management," according to police. Salt Lake police detective Greg Wilking said Smith was arguing about his lease, and the "scene" he created was possibly due to his level of intoxication.

When detectives caught up with Smith and interviewed him, he "admitted to striking the pedestrian, stating he thought he had just grazed him," according to the report.

Smith was given field sobriety tests, which he failed, the report states. Inside his car, police reported finding "open containers and a 44 oz. soda cup in the center console was mixed with alcohol."

The crash occurred one day after Smith was charged in Grantsville Justice Court with DUI, a class B misdemeanor.

After Smith was pulled over on March 28, he was observed by officers pacing around the back of his SUV, and had an "excited utterance, foam developing at the mouth, pinpoint pupils and wasn't able to keep his balance," according to a Tooele County Jail report.

"As we were talking with him, he told us that he was driving his vehicle and a 'Mexican criminal' struck the side of his vehicle and pointed a gun at him. Officer Watkins asked him where the individual ran away and he said that it happened in Mexico."

Smith failed his field sobriety tests and was taken to the Grantsville Police Department for more tests, where a Breathalyzer measured his blood alcohol level at 0.135 percent, the report states.

Smith also pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of alcohol/drug-related reckless driving in 2013 and was placed on probation, according to court records.

Smith's arrest is the latest in a recent series of auto-pedestrian accidents in Utah:

• Also Wednesday, Salt Lake police arrested Glenn Terrell Reedy, 55, for investigation of failing to remain at an accident involving serious injury. Reedy is accused of hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk and driving off. The victim suffered a broken foot, collapsed lung and broken ribs, according to a police affidavit.

• On Tuesday, South Salt Lake police announced the arrest of a man who allegedly ran over two men, killing one and critically injuring another, and then drove off. Ryan Conrad Kidrick, 40, was booked into jail for investigation of failing to remain at the scene of an accident involving death, and failing to remain at the scene of an accident involving serious injury in connection with the March 9 incident.

• Sunday, a juvenile was hit by a car while crossing 2100 South at 900 East. He was taken to a local hospital with injuries not considered to be life-threatening.

• A 6-year-old girl was killed after riding her scooter into the path of an SUV in Vineyard on March 27. The driver was unable to avoid the collision, according to police.

• A second fatal crash on March 9 happened near 3300 South and West Temple. Police say a man was reported wandering in the road and not dressed for the weather when he was struck by an SUV. The driver stopped and cooperated with police. The driver was not impaired, police said.