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Letter: Sen. Lee needs to make climate change a bridge issue

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

For a senator who has demonstrated the admirable ability to work across the aisle, I was surprised to learn about Sen. Lee’s speech mocking the Green New Deal. I was especially puzzled by his proposal to have more babies as his best solution to climate change.

Fortuitously, five days before Lee’s speech, Paul Hawken delivered the keynote address for the Intermountain Sustainability Summit at Weber State University. Mr. Hawken is renowned for his New York Times best-selling book "Drawdown," in which he and 270 of the world’s top scientists identified the 100 most impactful actions to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gasses. They found the seventh most impactful solution to be “family planning.” “Fall in love, get married and have some kids” is nowhere among the 100 actions.

As a member of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Sen. Lee is in a position to have a huge influence on climate policy. I ask our senior senator to make climate change a bridge issue, rather than a wedge issue. I want to hear a Senate speech in which he outlines a conservative, science-based policy that addresses climate change. In doing so, he will support the building of healthier, more vibrant and stronger communities.

David Folland