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7-year-old Utah boy hailed as hero after jumping in when his dad needed help

NORTH OGDEN — A 7-year-old North Ogden boy earned a "certificate of bravery" from police after jumping into action when his dad needed his help.

Early Wednesday morning, Ryker Comley's dad Justin Comley, who has epilepsy, had a seizure and hit his head. He ended up on the floor, bloody and unconscious, the family said.

"I saved my dad's life," Ryker said.

"I remember he fell on the ground and then he started bleeding and then he started shaking," Ryker explained.

But the 7-year-old knew what to do.

"I ran out the front door and then I shouted and screamed," he recalled.

Ryker then ran back inside, grabbed his dad's phone and figured out how to call 911, although the phone was on lock mode.

"It said emergency then it showed me numbers and then it showed a phone (icon) so I did 911 and then I pushed phone (icon)," Ryker explained.

When asked how he knew he should call 911, Ryker said, "My mom told me."

The family had moved into a new home a week ago and Ryker didn't yet know the address. He figured out the address by looking at the home's trash can.

"The fact that he didn't even freak out at all and kept calm and handled it is just amazing to me," said Ryker's mom, Jazmin Comley.

"He was able to tell the dispatcher where Justin was at in the house, explained what our house looked like (even down to describing the wreath on our door), put the dog in his kennel when the officers and fire department showed up and kept his sisters calm while they were attending to Justin," she recalled in a post on social media.

On Friday, officers from the North Ogden Police Department hand-delivered a certificate of bravery and a medal to Ryker at a park.

Police called him a hero.

When asked what he thinks about earning that title, Ryker asked, "Does the president know?"

"I am so incredibly proud. I can't even stay calm and collective in scary situations so the fact that he didn't even freak out at all and kept calm and handled it is just amazing to me," Jazmin Comley said.

Justin Comley had a broken nose and badly cut face from the fall, his wife said. It was his first seizure in a few years.

The Comleys said the incident was a good reminder for parents to teach their kids emergency skills.