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Disneyland 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' park to give bathroom passes for long lines

SALT LAKE CITY — You won’t have to channel the Force to stop yourself from going to the bathroom when you visit “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” on opening day.

  • Disneyland guests who want to visit the “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” land got some good news this week — you can still go to the bathroom.
  • Guests who attend the opening of the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run Ride at the “Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge” land on May 31 will be awarded bathroom passes, which will allow them to head to the bathroom and not lose their place in line, according to People magazine.
  • Disneyland Resort will also provide entertainment in person and on the mobile app, Fox News reports.
  • “This may be done through character performances, trivia conducted by a cast member or games that are accessible on mobile phones — all of which will be themed to the ever-popular film series,” according to People magazine.
  • Guests can buy drinks and snacks while waiting in line to improve their experience, too.

Yes, but: There aren’t many firm details about how this will work. And it’s not necessarily a new one either, since the park has helped people jump in and out of line for bathroom breaks for years, People magazine reported.

Wait time: Lines for “Galaxy’s Edge” rides could last as long as six hours on opening day, according to Touring Plans. For comparison, Disney’s Avatar Flight of Passage, which opened in 2017, had six-hour wait times, The Orange County Register reported.