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Letter: The affordable housing crisis isn't just in Utah

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

The affordable housing crisis is alive and well here in the Seattle area as well. Since 1995, the nation has lost more than 500,000 federally subsidized housing units, and very few low income new housing units are being produced.

The U.S. housing policy subsidizes home ownership through tax breaks that often benefit the wealthy. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, $200 billion in tax cuts go to the top 20 percent of households.

Yet Trump’s 2020 budget proposal is to cut $1 trillion from education, affordable housing, nutrition assistance and the needs of the working families over a 10-year period. He would eviscerate the social safety net but provide welfare for the rich.

We can ask our members of Congress to reject Trump’s 2020 budget proposal.

Donna Munro

Bremerton, Washington