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Utah search crews find couple overdue from hike

Crews Monday evening were searching for a couple overdue from a hike in Garfield County.
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ESCALANTE, Garfield County — Crews Monday night located a couple that had been overdue from a hike in Garfield County.

The man and woman, reported to be in their 20s, dropped their car off Sunday at a trailhead and were hiking from an area in Escalante back to their car, said Garfield County sheriff's information officer Denise Dastrup.

The couple was found at 10:30 p.m. Monday thanks to "the hard work of the searchers" and help from a Department of Public Safety helicopter, according to a news release from Garfield County Sheriff's Office.

"They were unharmed and happy to be rescued," authorities said.

One of the couple's parents reported them overdue about noon Monday, Dastrup said, after they failed to return home when expected.

The man and woman are experienced hikers, according to Dastrup. Additional information about them was not immediately available.

Crews Monday focused on the upper Escalante River area in the search.

"The Garfield County sheriff would like to express his thanks to all those involved in the search. He would also like to stress the importance of being prepared while going hiking or any outdoor activities in Garfield County," according to the news release.