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FanX lands ‘Harry Potter’ star Neville Longbottom — er, Matthew Lewis — for next event

SALT LAKE CITY — The (almost) savior of Hogwarts is coming to Utah’s FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention.

Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom in the “Harry Potter” film series, will be among the guests at FanX’s September event, it was announced Friday. He becomes the first announced guest for the September event.

“It’s somebody we’ve been trying to get for three years now, and schedules had never worked out. So with everything coming together like it has, we just decided we wanted to announce it earlier,” Dan Farr, FanX’s co-founder, told the Deseret News in a phone interview.

Other guests for September’s FanX will be announced at a press conference in the coming weeks.

Matthew Lewis’ own post-“Potter” physical transformation — in which he went from chubby-cheeked supporting actor to, well, a legit heartthrob — had “Potter” fans swooning. It was fitting, as Longbottom blossomed from a shy and awkward minor character to the sort-of-protector of Hogwarts (and, if things had shaken out differently, Voldemort’s main rival).

“Every show, if possible, we try to get somebody from ‘Harry Potter,’ but there’s really only so many celebrities to get,” Farr said. “But fortunately with Matthew Lewis, it worked out this time.”

FanX will run Sept. 5-7 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake. For tickets and more information visit