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Letter: Some ideas to address social challenges

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

To address Utah’s tax reform, effective services to social challenges should be addressed at lower costs. Strong families precipitate a healthy financial Utah, so all efforts should have this as one major goal for the state. Let’s start with providing information where it is needed.

Utah’s official website should have a drop-down menu bar across the top; its buttons will be: living, working, learning, visiting and your government. One button under the living list would be family, which would include marriages. Effective communications and conflict resolution knowledge could save many couples from getting a divorce. The key is to learn from others, teachers and mentors alike.

Fights over finances, children and things are some issues that should be addressed early before it is too late. Stop the leak before the dam breaks. The working drop-down menu should include job training and employment to help family finances. The living menu should include finance management classes, better ways to parent and how to improve your marriage. Let’s encourage couples who are in successful marriages, video themselves how they solved the issues above. Link the videos on the marriage button part.

Daycare opportunities should be offered to give parents a break to learn new job skills, better parenting techniques and how to improve marriages. Six parents could sign up to take turns watching each other’s kids while the five others are able to do such activities. Signing up would be done under the living button.

Just start with these ideas.

David Thelen